Mrs. Veronika bought the apartment as an investment

Who did we help?

Mrs. Veronika,
a young businesswoman

Type of property

3+kt, 90 sqm
monthly rent 10 000 CZK
Pardubice center

What did we help with?

She does not need to manage her apartment
but she enjoys regular income.

Problem description

Mrs. Veronika bought her apartment as an investment. She is fully busy running her business and has no time to manage her apartment and answer the phone calls.

Our solution

  • Our client was impressed by the proposed solution.
  • In this case we would arrange a redecoration of the apartment by a proffesional company, advise on the lowcost interior improvements and find a new tenant.
  • Thanks to adjustments we could increase the monthly rent by CZK 1,500 per month.
  • Nobody bothers her with phonecalls now, she is focused on running her business and she gets her rent on a monthly basis.
  • She has more free time for her family now and she is going to buy another apartment.