A young mother Michaela who inherited several apartments

Who did we help?

A young mother Michaela who
inherited several apartments.

Type of property

studio, 30 sqm
monthly rent 7 000 CZK
Pardubice center

What did we help with?

Paperwork and vacant
apartments filling.

Problem description

Michaela is a young mother of two children. She has inherited several apartments and their renting can significantly contribute to the family budget. “From my father, who I inherited the apartments from, I got a few piles of papers where all records about tenants and annual expenses were kept.” we heard in the first meeting. Everything went smoothly for the two months until one of the tenants gave notice to quit. She had worries with searching for a new tenant right before the Christmas time. Where to find time for meetings? Will the new tenants be able to pay the rent? And wouldn't it be better to reconstruct the apartment first? But she did not want to invest in the apartment much at that time. At the beginning of the year, there was even more time needed to make the annual billing of services. She calculated how much she had spent with this single apartment in the first 5 months with searching for tenants, arranging technical services, checking and reminding of payments, billing, more than 30 hours in total, moreover, she lost two monthly rentals due to the tenant replacement and she paid additional expenses for repainting and repairs.

Our solution

  • We explained our services in details to put her fears to rest.
  • We met in the aparment and suggested some design enhancements and suitable colours; we made a photodocumentation and signed the contract.
  • We recorded all the key data from the documents in our system.
  • We made sure that her apartment was occupied by reliable subtenants.
  • We have automated the process of payments checks and reminders.
  • And the only problem that Mrs. Michaela needs to handle with now, is where to spend the money that she gets from us at the beginning of each month. Regardless of whether the apartment is occupied or not.